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What should you know about Vietnam

Vietnam is a peaceful country

Although Vietnam has recently become one of the most favorite tourist attractions in the world, there are still a lot of misunderstandings and hearsay about Vietnam as well as Vietnamese people.

At the moment, Vietnam has no war

Vietnam is a peaceful country

Vietnam is a peaceful country-source: letsnailedtheworld.blogspot.com

It is popular that overseas Vietnamese report their encounters with the opinion that Vietnam is all about severe wars. This should be understood that the Vietnam War which was ended decades ago is the only thing many foreigners know about Vietnam. In reality, not only Vietnam has gained its peace with their capital a title “city of peace” but also Vietnamese people love peace. Inside the nation, there is no political conflict. Not only Vietnamese hold no grudge against Americans, local people in Saigon even admire them. In Vietnam, you cannot find overt discrimination against any gender and race minorities. For solo female travelers, Vietnam is also a safe destination.

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Vietnamese is the mother tongue of Vietnamese people

Vietnamese is the mother tongue of Vietnamese people

Vietnamese is the mother tongue of Vietnamese people-source: www.senweltours.com

With a distinct Latin alphabet which is unusual for Asian languages, Vietnamese is the own native language of Vietnamese people. Throughout the long history, there were two different systems of language used by Vietnamese – the speaking system maintaining the Mon-Khmer native tongue while the writing system was borrowed and modified Mandarin. Because of the 6 tones, speaking Vietnamese is very difficult although the grammar is easy. To well understand what Vietnamese people say in normal speed is impossible for beginners. What make everything even harder are the regional Vietnamese accents. For example; when speak to each other, the southerners and the northerners have difficulties and most of the time, everyone almost cannot understand what Hue people say.

Ho Chi Minh (or Saigon) is not the capital city

Ho Chi Minh (or Saigon) is not the capital city

Ho Chi Minh (or Saigon) is not the capital city-source: www.vietventures.vn

Due to more dynamic industries and its larger population, Ho Chi Minh City is popularly mistaken as the capital city of Vietnam. In general, Hanoi owns more conservative culture than Saigon. There are only few night dance floors, clubs and bars gaining again are under control of government where you can experience the nightlife in Hanoi which is quite poor as everything is closed before midnight. However, Hanoi is not only safer but also rich in cultural charms. Meanwhile, due to the deep influence of USA during Vietnam War, Ho Chi Minh City or Saigon is very westernized and Saigonese are more easy-going, less judgmental, laid-back, open and speak more English than Hanoians. And nightlife in Saigon is also more vibrant and exciting. The pick-pocketing and robbery which can be very dangerous sometimes is the only one annoying thing about Saigon. the Jayavarman

Crazy traffic

Crazy traffic in Ho Chi Minh City

Crazy traffic in Ho Chi Minh City-source: hitchhikershandbook.wordpress.com

No matter which destination you visit in Vietnam, you can find the number of motorcycles in Hanoi and Saigon or the traffic erratic at some point like Dalat – a famous touristy destination with no traffic lights. Things even get worse in rush hours. It is such a survival challenge to cross the roads when thousands of buses, cars and motorbikes leave you no hints and space where and when to cross if you are on foot. In this case, ask some locals, who are experts in this for help.

Make sure you ride motorbike in Vietnam legally with full licenses, rules knowledge and a qualified helmet if you decide to try it.  With winding roads superb scenery, the North highland Vietnam is the best place for motorbiking experience.

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