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For your trip in Phnom Penh

Central Market area

Being an amazing city full of attractions and memorable places to visit ranging from the magnificent Royal Palace and Silver Pagoda to the National Museum of Arts being home to a precious collection of artifacts and historical items throughout country where history was all but partly erased, making them even more worthy as concerning to the retrospective, Phnom Penh is well worth visiting on your trip to Cambodia. Indochina tours in Cambodia

Royal Palace

Royal Palace – source: mekongdragonhotel.com

Thinking about which, amongst of all these outstanding splendor, horrible reminders of the past are willing to be visited by those who have a wish to learn from them.

Beautiful may not be the first thing coming to your mind when speaking of Phnom Penh, but with spectacular colonial buildings and a picturesque riverside promenade, the city is all about that. The charming beauty of Phnom Penh shines even more luminously when you know how this hardy city has overcome all the damage of war to change itself once again into the ‘Pearl of Asia.’ From bustle markets and the twinkle Royal Palace to luxury modern bars and restaurants, the loveliness of Phnom Penh is complex but discloses itself gradually to visitors. Travel to Cambodia

Central Market area

Central Market area – source: aseantraveller.net

The capital city of Cambodia abounds with tuk-tuk drivers and street food vendors. Traveling around the city, spotting roadside pagodas settled amongst spectacular French colonial buildings. Why don’t you try a local specialty, deep fried large hairy spider? When cocktail hour calls, there is no better spot to admire a sun going down and appreciate some stunning colonial grandeur than the Foreign Correspondence Club situated on the bank on the Mekong River which stretches the length of the city.

Heading to or from Siem Reap’s Angkor Wat, there is so much to see and do in Phnom Penh that most people are surprised when making a stop in the Cambodian capital. Those who do not make a stop off in Phnom Penh will miss out on a wide range of interesting historical, cultural and environmental tourist destinations that this city has to offer.

Local delicacies

Local delicacies – source: raffles.fr

It is not all about the Khmer Rouge or the tragic past of Cambodia either. Islands, Khmer era temples, wildlife reserves, interesting performances and museums are all easily reachable and tours are justifiably priced.

Phnom Penh’s Central Market, also known as Psah Thom Thmey in Khmer (which means “new grand market”), is the most popular market in Cambodia. Coming here, travelers will buy a wide range of goods from food to pretty much everything you might want or even think of. Bargaining is also advisable when visiting this market.

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