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Travel to Dinh Co beach, an unspoiled beach in the south Vietnam

Dinh Co beach

Vung Tau is no longer strange to the idea of Saigon fun, but you will miss if you only know the famous beaches of Vung Tau and forget there are other beautiful clean beaches, one of such places, indispensable name Dinh Co beach. If you’re looking for a happy medium, low cost but near Saigon to avoid hot, Dinh Co beach will be the ideal destination for you. Indochina holidays in Vietnam

Dinh Co marine center Vung Tau coastal city of over 20 km, in the town of Long Hai, Long Dien District, Ba Ria – Vung Tau. From Ho Chi Minh City, you can choose to make the road by motorcycle Dinh Co, derived from Cat Lai ferry (District 2, HCMC) to Nhon Trach (Dong Nai). This segment will lead to Highway 51, which runs about 80km to go until Ba Ria town, turn left to the provincial highway 44A Dinh Co to sea.

Dinh Co beach

Dinh Co beach – source: flickr.com

Come to the Dinh Co beach, you can enjoy swimming, participated in many recreational activities at sea, organization or visit tembuilding Dinh Co Temple – a famous sacred temple adjoining small hill slopes.

Dinh Co temple

Dinh Co temple – source: wikipedia.com

Dinh Co is a monumental spiritual works imbued with national identities of Southern Vietnam Bo.Theo the historical documents, original, Palace just a simple small temple, was created at the end 18th century to worship a young girl named Le Thi Hong (Marketing remains the way). According to legend, she was the one in Tam Quan (Binh Dinh), on his way through the waters of Long Hai by boat finds a thunderstorm, she crashed into the sea died, determine drift into Islet Cave (near the ruins Dinh Co now). At that time, she had just turned 16. Mourning, locals then took her body to the burial on the hill She paints. Since then she always reported auspicious dream epiphany, eradicate disease, maintenance of the men, supporting fishermen. Travel to Vietnam

Another side of Dinh Co beach

Another side of Dinh Co beach – source: news.zing.vn

Beaches with golden sand Dinh Co and smooth, with a long coastline on the trees are suitable for sports activities in groups or weekend recreation with campfires, singing, dancing. Dinh Co Sea is also home to the beautiful sunset. Looking toward the city of Vung Tau, visitors can admire the brilliant sun later in the day to sink off the mountains Small, Big Mountain and high-rise buildings of the seaside city.

Roasted squid, a delicious dishes you must try in Dinh Co beach

Roasted squid, a delicious dishes you must try in Dinh Co beach – source: tumblr.com

Here you can enjoy grilled seafood right on the beach with a price range 35-50000 copper / box. Also want to eat fresh, delicious seafood, you can buy from fishermen at sea. Crab here oscillator 120 – 150k / kg depending on type.

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