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Tips when traveling to Burma

Myanmar is worth visiting

Although entirely preventing itself from the outside world by its military government until just a few years ago, Myanmar, which is a gorgeous country in South East Asia, is still a perfect tourist destination well worth visiting. If you are planning your trip to Myanmar, it is important to know some tips. Tours in Myanmar

Myanmar is worth visiting

Myanmar is worth visiting – source: ampersandtravel.com

Before your trip, it is necessary to know that in Myanmar, bills must be crisp and perfect in order to change money. The bigger the US bill you exchange, the higher exchange rate you can receive. Nevertheless, you can change Euro bills to Myanmar kyats with completely no issues, at various money exchanges in the Yangon Airport (RGN) and several different cities. You also should notice that in non-touristy areas, you are likely to get better exchange rates than in those are popular with visitors.

Myanmar is not the cheap place any more as it once was, so do not forget to accordingly set your budget. More unfortunately, basic accommodation’s prices have also risen dramatically. In tourist places such as Bagan, a dingy, no-frills room even costs you from US$35 to US$40.

You can exchange your US bills

You can exchange your US bills – source: thepointsguy.com

Although in Myanmar, you can find some ATMs available, it is still advisable to bring cash with you. If you get a lot of money on hand, you are safe either way, particularly as you will be expected to pay for some things in kyats. Even before your trip, you have read that dollars are acceptable when paying for many items, in fact, most retail items and menus will be quoted to you in kyats. If you are lucky, you can have selection between paying in US dollars or kyats. In any case, have kyats on hand is a good idea as there will be a good chance you will really need to use them. Your US bills must be immaculate and printed no earlier than 2006, or they may not be able to change. In Yangon and Mandalay, you can also easily exchange Thai baht.

You can also take advantage of online travel agencies to book domestic flights in advance, but not directly through airline sites. You can learn from many guides and forum threads to know that it is impossible for foreigners to book domestic flights throughout Myanmar through airline websites. However, it is possible, but not necessarily free of confusion to book in advance of your trip a domestic flight to/from Bagan through an online travel agency.

It is a good idea to have some kyats on hand

It is a good idea to have some kyats on hand – source: thepointsguy.com

Myanmar can be easily accessible from other destinations in Southeast Asia. There are more and more new flight options becoming readily available, particularly from other cities in Southeast Asia because travel to Myanmar fast increases. For example, to get to Yangon (RGN), you can fly Bangkok Airways from Chiang Mai (CNX), Star Alliance member Singapore Airlines from Changi Airport (SIN) or Air Asia from Bangkok (DMK). Normally, if you are departing from a large city in Southeast Asia, it will not cost you too much to get to Myanmar. For instance, it will cost you about $75 round-trip to fly Air Asia flight to Mandalay (MDL) from Bangkok (DMK).

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