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Myanmar travel guide

The beauty of Myanmar

Once called as “Destination of the Year”, Myanmar is a nation on the cusp of excellent change, and do not hesitate to make your way to this beautiful country as there has never been a better time to explore it than right now. Indochina tours Myanmar


Myanmar attracts travelers all over the world- Source: journalistontherun.com

Beauty  of Burmar

Burma – also known as Myanmar, following the lifting of Western admissions, has become an extreme magnet for travelers all over the world. The leg-rowers and floating gardens of Inle Lake, uncountable temples scattered across the countryside in Bagan; together with grand rivers including: the Chindwin and the Ayeyarwady – navigable into the furthest reaches of the country, are some of the most wondrous sights. But the great opportunity to see a country where the 21st century world has barely intruded is the big draw. There is still a strong sense of the old Orient here despite the slight change. It is a place where people still preserve Buddhism as a way of life.

For the first-time visitors, a big danger they can meet is the chronic temple fatigue. It is advisable to plan your schedule to go beyond the popular tourist destinations. Take time in the traditional small but busy town markets, teahouses and teak villages, teahouses to get to know some of the most adorable people you can encounter anywhere in the world.

they can meet is the chronic temple fatigue

For the first-time visitors, a big danger they can meet is the chronic temple fatigue- Source: thehungrypartier.com

Travelers can easily find a shortage of tourist-standard hotel rooms in Myanmar. In fact, the majority of so-called four- and five-star properties in Myanmar could be compared to three-star hotels in neighboring Thailand. Due to demand, prices are high. Room rates can more than double those you have ever expected between October and March. However, notably agoda.com and booking.com which are some of the international booking agents, are now offering online booking and attractive discounts on published room rates by partnering with all grades of hotel. Book through an online booking agent or via email and do not forget to bring all the paperwork if you travel independently. Although credit cards (Visa and Mastercard only) are accepted by more hotels, they will charge you a commission of 3-5 per cent. Booking through a local agency or a tour operator on arrival in Yangon in high season will give peace of mind.  Authentic Mekong

Local laws and etiquette

Not only regarding sleeveless T-shirts and shorts as underwear, the Burmese also dress conservatively. It is advisable to wear loose casual clothes and do not wear bare shoulders, leggings, cleavage and see-through skirts. When coming to temples, ensure your shoes and socks to be removed and your shoulders and knees to be covered.

It is advisable to know local laws and etiquette-

It is advisable to know local laws and etiquette- Source: multiverseadvertising.com

Local immigration officials (especially on the Chindwin and in the border state) may not allow you to proceed even when a town or village is on the open-to-tourist list. Have an experienced local guide with you in this case can help smooth things over.


The beauty of Myanmar

The beauty of Myanmar- Source: opentravel.com

Not expected outside of top hotels and restaurants, where 10 per cent is popular. If offering an extra service, temple guardians will look for a small tip. Tip guides $10-$20 per day if travelling as a couple or in a small group and drivers $3-$5 per day. At the end of the tour, you can tip guides and drivers.

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