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Khe Sanh, Quang Tri

Khe Sanh is an ideal place for those who want to know more about Vietnam’s history

Among several majo©r battle sites from the war between Vietnam and America in Quang Tri, the Khe Sanh combat base, was considered to be the scene of one of the most crucial battles of the war time. Not only playing an important role in the history, the Khe Sanh combat base is also an ideal place for anyone who wants to know more about the tumultuous history of Vietnam. Indochina tours Vietnam

Jungle Villages

Jungle village

Jungle village- Source: www.skyscrapercity.com

Quang Tri City, the urban jungle that you have first to get around if travelling north from Hue. The real jungle is just around the corner and you can admire the magnificent mountains of the central Vietnam once you get through that. You can certainly curving rivers, sheer rock faces, towering bamboo and lovely stilted villages bestriding the boundary of Laos.

To reach Khe Sanh from Hue, it will take you approximately 4 hours in case you drive at a leisurely speed and make plenty of stops along the way). You may even forget the reason to come all this way is to see an old battle site at the beginning of the drive through the valleys. Regardless of any historical interest, the villages together with spectacular views at every turn are jaw droppingly incredible and reason enough to discover the stunning area.

Reminder of history

Reminder of history- Source: dantri.com.vn

Sitting on a small plateau surrounded by hills and dense forest, Khe Sanh now is an underwhelming place having a rather pretty location. Sitting on what is now a peanut farm is a few scattered tanks and US aircraft, quiet reminding of what happened 45 years previously. It is remarkable that there is not more fuss made here more than the time for a reminiscent of history. The only hint proving that this was the site of one of the bloodiest battles in the war is a small tourist attraction and a monument in the nearby town. South Vietnam tours

Reality of war

If you are inclined to military history, Khe Sanh, like every battle field, is a sadness evoking place to be and extremely well worth paying a visit to in anyway. For many tourists, seeing the landscape – both in a historical and a modern sense is the real interest in heading all this way. It seems to be a waving kid together with lovely villages clinging to the hillsides everywhere you look there.

The Khe Sanh combat base

The Khe Sanh combat base- Source: vinacotravel.com.vn

This is a tough place – jungle that you can just see into covers every surface that is not being cultivated, and most sloping sides of hills seem to be almost erect. Officially built as a staging area from which to initiate attacks on the Ho Chi Minh Trail running just inside the Laos boundary, Khe Sanh is now a stunning base to admire the landscape up close which does a lot for you to bring home more the reality of the war, than the burnt out tanks and helicopters. So once paying a visit to Hue, do not forget to take the advice and head for the hills – you will get the most picturesque and a closer insight into the history lesson you could possibly expect.

Khe Sanh is an ideal place for those who want to know more about Vietnam’s history

Khe Sanh is an ideal place for those who want to know more about Vietnam’s history- Source: vinacotravel.com.vn

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