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Heho travel guide

Inle Lake

For recent years, Heho, a small town of Myanmar, has become a familiar name to both domestic and foreign visitors. Although the town does not have so many things to do, I think it attracts me and other travellers by its favorable geographical conditions and unique traditional values with different festivals. With this travel guide providing with some basic information about Heho, I hope that you can enjoy your best time here. Mekong river cruise

Farms near Heho

Farms near Heho- source: internet

Where to go in Heho?

 This is the most common question when you put your foot to a new destination. Knowing interesting places will bring you the best moments. In Heho, I recommend Inle Lake. It is a natural lake with a romantic views and beautiful scenery so the lake is where you should spend your holidays with your lover and family. Imagine you are in a wooden house which is connected with other houses by small bridges and see the whole lake with your own eyes, breathe fresh air and enjoy peaceful atmosphere, you will cannot help but say “whoa”. So remember to visit this place when you are in Heho.

Inle Lake

Inle Lake- source: internet

Besides, there are several interesting tourist attractions which is just about 20 to 30km from Heho. So if you have chance, take a bus and visit some of them such as Nyangung Shwe and Taungyi.

How to get there?

 If you are in Mandalay, it is convenient for you to book a flight to the town because Heho has a small airport with regular flights from Mandalay. Each day, there are 2 flights to Heho from Madalay International Airport so you should book in advance from 3 or 4 days ago. Besides, you also can catch a bus which is much cheaper. When arrive, bus and taxi are ideal ways for you to travel around and discover this beautiful town.  Indochina travel agency

Heho airport

Heho airport- source: internet

When to visit Heho?

Because Heho lies on the highlands, the weather is extremely cool and fresh throughout a year. The best time to visit is dry season which is often from November to February. During this time, the climate is amazing, cool and you can avoid rains. In February, it is a special occasion because there is a festival named Shin Pyu. In the festival, several sons of families will be accepted as new novices. The festival is also a chance for farmers to get proceeds from their crops.

Shin Pyu festival

Shin Pyu festival- source: internet

How long for a visit?

Heho is a small town it does not take much time to discover places in Heho. A half day to a day is ample time.

Where to eat?

Food is an indispensible part of any journey. In Heho, the most favorable restaurant for most of foreign visitors is the White Garden, which is not too far from the airport. The price is not expensive. A meal for 2 people with green teas is just 7 dollars. You may be recommended Shan curries which is quite mild. Overall, this is a pleasant restaurant with nice staff and good price.

Shan curry dish

Shan curry dish- source: internet

With cool weather, fresh air, traditional festivals, beautiful small villages, Heho is worth being listed in your travel list. Do not hesitate to go there on the nearest day.

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