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Explore top 4 interesting places in Ninh Thuan, Vietnam

Explore the local life in Bat Trang, Mui Dinh

Ninh Thuan is not a famous place in Vietnam but it also a destination you should consider to have great trip. If you’ve been to Ninh Thuan and visited 1 of 6 campsites “hot” lately, certainly you would have nodded recognized that these points can fully bring great experience for anyone. Let’s explore top 4 interesting places in Ninh Thuan, Vietnam. Travel Indochina Vietnam

  1. Bat Trang – Mui Dinh

Getting there: If traveling about 15 km from Phan Rang Highway 1A to the village of Van Lam Cham, then turn left, cross the region by steering to the ridge is about 8km Eagle. Then go further 7km left until Son Hai, from here ride straight into the desert. The last milestone, you have to get off and wade through more than 1km long sandy grassland slopes is to Mui Dinh lighthouse.

Explore the local life in Bat Trang, Mui Dinh

Explore the local life in Bat Trang, Mui Dinh – source: baomoi.com

Cross the sand dunes in the burning sun and dry winds roasted, looking to Mui Dinh Phuoc Dinh commune, Thuan Nam district, you will find a romantic scene left untouched along the coast of South Central right now front. The highlight is the work in Mui Dinh lighthouse horns, in existence since 1904, was built to serve the voyage of the French. Most especially under Mui Dinh Trang Beach. With color is creamy white sand, Bai Trang become ideal places for the camping trip. Many young people have come here to enjoy the feeling of space immersed in immense poetic. Certainly Trang Beach tent sleeping under the starry night sky will be a very interesting experience. South Vietnam travel tours

  1. Binh Tien Sea

Getting there: from Phan Rang Highway 1A toward Nha Trang, to Km1525 (31km from Phan Rang, Nha Trang 72km), on the right there is a trail that opened approximately 12km to go through a small stream called ” Freshwater springs “. Even at this junction, go straight to the Binh Tien, also in Binh Lap will turn left.

Clear blue water in the bottom in Binh Tien sea

Clear blue water in the bottom in Binh Tien sea – source: facebook.com

Clear blue water in the bottom, the colorful rocks with grass and trees crowded create wild beauty, charm for Binh Tien. This particular beach is an ideal place for the night stargazing.

Evening in Binh Tien beach, remember to bring small tents to camp overnight, with thousands watching the stars reflected in calm sea under the cool breeze from the sea. Also you can rent or borrow fishing rods of fishermen for fishing, or enjoy fresh seafood and cheap just like snails, squid, crab ahead.

  1. An Hoa sheep field

Getting there: From Highway 1A, go to the Northwest about 16km, you will see shortly An Hoa co sheep are dreaming youth recent favorite.

An Hoa sheep field

An Hoa sheep field – source: flickr.com

The best time is the morning, so you should arrange to farm sheep from 6-7 am. After enjoying the morning meal with the people here, you can along the fields to feed their sheep herded range 8-10 am. If you want to hunt these beautiful photos Thanh Son, the dams are ideal for hunting and romantic image of the corner along with the cute sheep.

  1. Hon Do

Getting There: From the city center towards Hy approximately 20km then continue walking along the road about 20 minutes fine golden sand, you’ve come to the beautiful Hon Do already.

Hon Do

Hon Do – source: pinterest.com

Coming to Hon Do, you will have to get used to a different type of terrain by the reef many shapes, sharp as poppers knob white sands. The travel experience characterized as participation in harvesting sea weed and sea fish and fishermen, watching the blue sea and the beautiful coral reefs or walk under the trees of green… await you here.

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