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Discover Vietnam Poles, hot places must see in Vietnam

Mui Doi

Here are four places where anyone passionate desire to conquer all has come, check-in and take a photo souvenir to show off to his friends that came to the footprint of the country, Vietnam poles. Indochina travel Vietnam

  1. Mui Doi, Khanh Hoa – East pole

A little technique to “spice” into an interesting visit two beautiful waters of the country, Vung Ro and Van Phong Bay. Electronic noses, nose Sometimes, two “candidates” for the easternmost titles, where “welcome first sunrise on the mainland motherland”, worthy for a journey of discovery and enjoyment.

Mui Doi

Mui Doi – source: baomoi.com

  1. Mui Dien, Phu Yen – Another East Pole

Belongs Phuoc Tan Village, Hoa Tam commune, Dong Hoa district, Phu Yen, Cape Electric is one of the two easternmost point on the mainland of Vietnam (Mui Doi remaining points, Khanh Hoa province). However Mui Dien is considered the place to welcome the first sunrise of Vietnam because there is a higher position Mui Doi. Tours in Vietnam

Mui Dien

Mui Dien – source: vnphoto.net

At sunrise, you can feel the rays of the new day from any location on the land. From the above observations sun image gradually dawned on the sea, and all the reflection on the water as the sun was rising.

  1. Mui Ca Mau, Ca Mau – South pole

Who thought of Ca Mau are also thinking of the last places of the country: Cape Ca Mau, to Ca Mau attractions, tourists are visiting coordinates national landmark, watching the woods, watching the sea, contemplate trying pm hidden in the vast sea airspace.

Mui Ca Mau

Mui Ca Mau – source: vnexpress.net

Mui Ca Mau is the protruding piece of land in the most southern point of the Vietnam Fatherland located in Cape neighborhood, Dat Mui Commune, Ngoc Hien district, Ca Mau City and more than 100 km. Dat Mui is mentioned as a sacred land of Vietnam and the consciousness of people in life, everyone has been to convention once. It features mangrove ecosystems are diverse and plentiful.

  1. Lung Cu, Ha Giang – North Pole

Lung Cu (Ha Giang), a border area northernmost country, the land of Shan tea, honey wine and trying to win, of the traditional cultural characteristics of ethnic Mong, Lo Lo, Giay. It was also the land of faded peach, pear blossom, white snow in the spring and bustle of the market session.

Lung Cu

Lung Cu – source: pinterest.com

Lung Cu commune includes nine villages, all at an altitude of 1600-1800 meters above average sea level. In areas where the winter weather is very cold and the snow. Game: Then left deep valley, is about 50 hectares, the right is the watershed Nho Que River, originates from Mu Cang – Yunnan – China flock to Dong Van, Meo Vac, majestic mountainous part of the order most of the country.

  1. A Pa Chai – West pole

Junction region borders Vietnam – China – Laos (Sin Thau Commune, Muong Nhe district, Dien Bien province) are attractive tourist favorite youth explore special areas of the country.

A Pa Chai

A Pa Chai – source: vnexpress.net

 A Pa Chai – westernmost national, regional border fork Vietnam – China – Laos (Sin Thau commune, Muong Nhe district, Dien Bien province) are attractive tourist favorite youth explore special areas of their country.

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