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Challenging dishes in Vietnam

Grilled fish

Being a heavily divided terrain, rugged and scarcely populated, Northwestern Vietnam is such a special land. You will have a sense of life here through a few quick words describing the region. Rather than delicate gourmet cooking and extravagant fusion experiments, the food here comes mostly from what the surroundings have to offer. Streams, rivers, mountains and forests are the pantry here rendering the cuisine desirably seasonal to make sure that every time of year provides a unique experience. cruise Mekong delta

Bamboo worm

Bamboo worm

Bamboo worm- source:vietnamnet.vn

The worms, which are found only in bamboo, are among the cleanest food ever known. A bigger-than-normal lower stem, flat heads and an indicator a worm’s nest inside, each of which can offer even up kilograms of worms are the tools that the ethnic minority people here use to look for bamboos. The fatty and protein-rich worms cannot be served without sour bamboo shoot sauce as a side dish whether it is steamed or quick fried.

Grilled fish

Grilled fish

Grilled fish- source: www.exoticvoyages.com

Living off the waters, both still and running, the Thai ethnic minority people in the northwest have their mastery of all fishy things. When it comes to preparation, the skill is grilling all trumps. They season gutted fish with local spices, stuff it with meat, fold and place it on the fire. As a result, once eating, you can enjoy the natural sweet of fish.

Bamboo rice

Bamboo rice

Bamboo rice- source: threeland.com

For foresters who trek through the dense forest for days and cannot afford the luxury of belongings: bamboo rice (called ‘com lam’ in Vietnamese) is such a special way of cooking. The ideal rice cookers are made from the bamboo, with their shiny and thick shells. The aromatic rice after being filled with water and rice, will be wrapped in an eccentric inner layer of bamboo. Indochina travel Vietnam

Raw fish salad

Fish salad

Fish salad- source: www.youtube.com

Although not eating as much raw fish as Japanese, Vietnamese people still do. Before being topped up with sour bamboo shoot sauce, fresh fish is scaled, boned, skinned and mixed with fresh herbs. Dry with the forest banana flowers, spicy with peppers and sour with the sauce are all about this dish.

Buffalo skin salad

Buffalo skin salad

Buffalo skin salad- source: megafun.vn

Due to the difficult preparation process, the dish which instantly charms first-timers, is only available on anniversaries. Usually not considered food, buffalo skin is well cleaned, sliced and seasoned with many kinds of local spices, preserving its crispy and crunchy texture that you can find almost nowhere else.

Grilled minced meat

Grilled minced meat

Grilled minced meat- source: earthlyadventures.wordpress.com

Buffalo, pork or beef meat, any meat can be used for the dish. Before wrapping it in ‘dong’ leaves, the same leaves they use to wrap the delicious ‘banh chung’, they season minced meat with spices and herbs. As being grilled, the meat inside will absorb a desirable aroma thanks to the burning of the outer leaves.

Rock moss

Grilled moss

Grilled moss- source: www.viettravelmagazine.com

Only available from the ninth month to the third month of the lunar calendar, rock moss is one of the most complicated dishes on the menu of the region. For only two hours after harvesting, does the moss stay fresh. The moss of choice which is found where the water flows the fastest, can be seen on stream rocks. They only harvest young moss and then pound them to eliminate the dirt. Being at its best with pepper and ginger, moss comes in grilled, salads and soups.

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