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Can Tho travel guide

Daily activities of fishermen in Can Tho

Can Tho, which is also known among Vietnamese as ‘Tay Do’, meaning the Capital of the West, is a truly happening city in the Mekong Delta area. Can Tho, which is well-known for its lush fruit orchards and pastoral beauty of complex waterway network, Can Tho is also a bustling city with sufficient facilities to

Where to go in Burma

Shwenandaw Monastery

Recently, Burma attracts a large number of visitors coming to this country. Due to cultural and geographical diversity, it is one of mysterious destinations to discover in Asia. Visiting Burma, visitors may wonder where to go because there are too many attracting places. Here we recommend top 5 interesting attractions that you should not miss

What should you know about Vietnam

Vietnam is a peaceful country

Although Vietnam has recently become one of the most favorite tourist attractions in the world, there are still a lot of misunderstandings and hearsay about Vietnam as well as Vietnamese people. At the moment, Vietnam has no war It is popular that overseas Vietnamese report their encounters with the opinion that Vietnam is all about

Khe Sanh, Quang Tri

Khe Sanh is an ideal place for those who want to know more about Vietnam’s history

Among several majo©r battle sites from the war between Vietnam and America in Quang Tri, the Khe Sanh combat base, was considered to be the scene of one of the most crucial battles of the war time. Not only playing an important role in the history, the Khe Sanh combat base is also an ideal

Tips when traveling to Burma

Myanmar is worth visiting

Although entirely preventing itself from the outside world by its military government until just a few years ago, Myanmar, which is a gorgeous country in South East Asia, is still a perfect tourist destination well worth visiting. If you are planning your trip to Myanmar, it is important to know some tips. Tours in Myanmar

COPE Visitor Centre


Situated on Khouvieng Street, in the centre of medical Rehabilitation, COPE standing for Cooperative Orthotic and Prosthetic Enterprise is the principal source of factitious members, walking helpings and wheelchairs in Laos. Its amazing Visitor Centre provides tourists with numberless outstanding and informative multimedia exhibits about artificial body parts and the UXO (unexploded ordnance) that make

Homestay in Sapa

Accommodation in homestay

When paying a visit to Sapa, you will definitely face with a large number of treks to select and one thing you need to think in advance is whether to do a trek that consists of a homestay. Although a homestay can be a unique experience, it is not suitable for everyone. Tours Indochina Vietnam

Explore top 4 interesting places in Ninh Thuan, Vietnam

Explore the local life in Bat Trang, Mui Dinh

Ninh Thuan is not a famous place in Vietnam but it also a destination you should consider to have great trip. If you’ve been to Ninh Thuan and visited 1 of 6 campsites “hot” lately, certainly you would have nodded recognized that these points can fully bring great experience for anyone. Let’s explore top 4

Sokha beach resort

Sokha Beach overview

Sokha beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Sihanoukville – a coastal city in Cambodia. This 1, 2 kilometer-long- beach is privately owned so it is well preserved for tourism activities. It has rapidly developed to be a famous destination in South East Asia.  Being the results of this development, there are many

Live in Myanmar

Myanmar people

Myanmar is the country with worth living and beautiful scenic. Living in Myanmar make you have a lot of experience. Most people think that the majority of goods in supermarkets are imported from Thailand, but the fact over 50% of goods in the supermarket are from Vietnam . You can verify this if you look