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Noodles Sa Dec in Dong Thap

Noodles Sa Dec on Dong Thap

Sa Dec Dong Thap Province is one of the earliest civilizations to form garden area of ​​the South. So here is preserved many cultures that bear the characteristics of the Mekong river. In the food at Sa Dec is considered a hallmark of the traditional culture of this southern region.

Sa Dec is also a place with many delicious dishes handed down through time, such as beef hot pot, noodles Sa Dec, spring rolls, pork bologna … Although not well known home crowd with two ‘senior’ is Nam Vang noodles and noodles, but noodles Tho, Sa Dec is a special value in our delicious gourmet taste.
Sa Dec fiber cake noodles just right, soft but not mealy, not tough, are not sour, scented rice, fresh white milk color. Cake noodle making noodles Sa Dec Sa Dec. Sa Dec noodle soups are being meticulously cooked with pork bones, to visit around the fire, to know new skimming and spread aromatic flavor, is also a secret.
Other important raw materials of noodles Sa Dec is lean minced meat, raw meat pieces, thick pieces of gold ball, heart, liver, Pheo … are new ‘oven’, and warm. Beauty dotted eyes and tongue to taste aromatic noodle bowl Sa Dec is finely chopped onion, some cilantro stems, especially in the presence of ‘increasing spend’ – improving chopped marinated flavor characteristics of the U.S.. Beside the bowl noodle soup dish rotating rolls, plate of fresh vegetables (prices, shallots cut in half, to train and lettuce), small bowl of soy sauce, jar sliced ​​pickled peppers horn flies. Before 1975, in Sa Dec is the famous noodle stall: Personal Monarchy, Chi Thanh Lanh Vietnam (Tran Hung Dao).
Today, the popular noodle Sa Dec but delicious camp next sale near Long (Tran Phu), for Family, for burning. The most popular is the sister restaurant in Nguyen Tat Thanh, where breast milk plant, the north bridge across the economic board. Hu criteria are more people looking to enjoy because of soft bone, especially the fresh bone marquetry.

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